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A scholarly, experimental, and experiential look at the practice of Seiðr . Each chapter focuses on a different aspect of Seiðr, combining in-depth research about each topic, personal accounts and experience, and comprehensive exercises for the reader that wishes to explore the subject matter more deeply.
From spinning and staffs, to burial mounds and elves, to the manipulation of hælu and hamr/scín (scínlác), this book will take you on a completely new exploration of what Seiðr can be.


papercoverThose of us that are familiar with Grimm’s fairy tales, might remember the personage of Frau Holle/Mother Holle/Mother Holda, but very few of us in the English speaking world know that Frau Holle’s story is potentially far older and richer than imagined. This paper provides a survey of some of the key scholars that have studied the personage of Frau Holle, following them on their journey through Medieval German folklore, to heaven and hell, and back to the murky waters of the German conversion period. Click here to read.


Original Shorts

“He’d been coming to these woods ever since he was a child, he knew the stories, and he’d seen the bloodstains of sacrifice painted on the rocks by the waterfall. He’d never dreamed he’d become one to put the stains there.”
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Inspired Shorts
“There was a time when I had an urge to run a White Wolf ‘Mage:The Ascension’ game set in Victorian London. It was a glorious plot too, a rip-roaring ride through the strangeness of London. Unfortunately though, I came to the realization that because of my memory issues, no matter how much of a great plot I thought I had in my head, there was no way I’d ever be able to keep it all straight for an actual game. I loved the world and storylines I’d created though and ended up writing outtakes and small bits of narrative around it. This is one of them.”

How a Chronicle Begins

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