About Seo Helrune

“Why lad, tha’s sin’t’boggart!”

druidenhain2 witchcraftI’m Seo Helrune, and as you can probably tell from the somewhat diverse headers on this website, I have some pretty varied interests. Most of them do run to the more ‘arcane’ side of things, but I also enjoy more mundane things like spinning and knitting (although I would say it’s debatable that either of those things are completely mundane). I’m also really getting into learning about SEO at the moment, which is cool and useful, because a chunk of the work I do nowadays lies in the realm of content creation.

In terms of that ‘arcane’, I’m someone who wears many hats. My father was a spiritualist healer and so I grew up in a house where things went *bump* in the night quite often. At around the age of fourteen, I took up witchcraft as a way to deal with that ‘bump in the night’, and never looked back. When I first got internet access at around the age of 18 (it was the 90s and I lived in a pretty backwards place), I learned that there was a specific label for people like myself who worshipped Norse gods and I’ve identified religiously as a Heathen ever since. I also came across the term ‘Seiðr’ online, and some truly horrible geocities sites that almost made it sound like a form of RPG you play in your head. But somehow, those sites still had enough to intrigue, and so my research/experimentation obsession of over a decade was born.

At some point along the way, between the climbing into burial mounds in the dead of night, moving countries, hiking moors, getting called to people’s houses to get rid of troublesome wights, and working in trance, experimentation turned into practice.

As time went by, and the more I practiced both witchcraft and Seiðr, the clearer it became  to me that there was some overlap between non-Wiccan witchcraft, and Heathen period belief and forms of magic. This area of overlap was the ground I would come to inhabit.

For whatever reason, a lot of that practice for me centers around the dead and the spirits that reside in the land (especially those who overlap somewhat with the dead). I’ve worked with Wiccans before, I’ve worked with people whose focus has been very light, and it’s really not for me. It’s not where I’m drawn or how I’m wired, it’s not how the moors or the land I grew on molded me. It is for that darker focus that’s often tied up with the dead that I go by the name ‘Seo Helrune’, an Old English word deriving from ‘Hel’ (land of the dead/mound) and ‘rune’ (secret, mystery). The word ‘Helrune’ was applied to a certain type of magical practitioner, and so may be taken to mean ‘one who works with the mysteries of the mound/land of the dead’ (among other things, ‘seo’ just means ‘the’).

About three years ago, I also joined ADF and began on the path of ADF Druid too. I completed the Dedicant Program earlier this year, and am now a member of both the Magicians and Seers guilds. I adore the ritualcraft of the ADF orthopraxy and I look forward to honing my skills and increasing my knowledge in Druidry.

Would ye know yet more, or what?

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